spreads in the Northeast part of the Slovak Ore Mountains. On natural values and beauties particularly reach region with the complex of coniferous and deciduous forests is located on the originally coherent, erosion impaired platform. Mountain plains, deep canyons, gorges, waterfalls, surface karst features, and attractive underground spaces with stalactite and ice decorations are most typical phenomena of the landscape. The highest point of the National Park is Predná hoľa (1545 meter above sea level). The most famous gorges are Suchá Belá, Piecky, Sokol and Kyseľ with numerous waterfalls. The remains of the originally flat relief are plateaus Glac, Geravy, Pelc and Skala.


Useful information

What to do if I find an injured animal
Firstly, contact the number 112.
When receiving the notification from the citizen about occurrence of injured, ill, confine or other handicapped protected animal, operator will give you a number of the rehabilitation station, which is nearest to the place of finding (operating center of the line 112 has access to emergency phone numbers of the departments of the State Nature Conservancy Authorities).
Breeding and rehabilitation station works continuously. Based on the announcement, the station will send the intervention group, which ensure a transport and care about injured protected animal.
Mentioned instructions are related to protected species only, including protected animal spieces, which are allowed to hunt. It shall be not applicable to non-protected animals, dead animals, and animals which are allowed to hunt and are not protected.
All wild birds are protected animal species.
More information can be found on the website
What to do if you encounter a bear
The most important is prevention. Avoid the moving in the area at the dusk in the evening and in early morning, when the activity of the bears is highest. Hike only along signed hiking trails, alert your presence but without being too noisy. It's enough to cough from time to time, sing or discuss quietly. Avoid the bush and dead animals. Dog must be on a lead.
Can I set a fire in the forest?
According to the Visiting Rules it is possible to set a fire beyond the borders of build- up areas of the municipalities within 10 meters from the building on the given fire places (if regulations do not otherwise alter, for example in case of incrased fire risk, etc.).
Can I walk a dog in the National Park?
Je to možné, ale pes musí byť v zmysle návštevného poradku na vôdzke.